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The pain becomes numbing as I slash viciously at my wrists, carving a… - Poetic Souls [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Dec. 6th, 2004|09:21 pm]
Poetic Souls


The pain becomes numbing as I slash viciously at my wrists, carving a gapping wound.

Watching the scarlet liquid drip from my limbs excites and amuses me. My thoughts are racing;

I cannot focus on one solemn topic as isolated drops tickle me as they slide away

from the others. Alone in this overwhelming dark I can do what I want, never worrying about

what others think. These scars, I know, will run deep in my wrists. These souvenirs; constant

reminders of what happens when I’m alone. I’m running out of excuses for these

marks on my wrists for those who act concerned. But in my mind I am the only

one that matters. I alone feel this refreshing pain and the warmth of my vital liquids

dripping to the floor. Queen of pain, princess of solitude. I wrap my bloody wrists in an innocent,

white towel, but still the scarlet fluid drenches the rag and drips to the floor. My excitement

slowly turns to panic as I realize this has never bled so porfusely before. My head begins to sprial,

I reach for the door, but I can’t keep my composure. I open my mouth to scream, but in this place, it won’t be

heard. My vision fades to black and my legs buckle; crashing to the ground. This wasn’t supposed to

happen...I just slipped...I only Slipped....yet...I cut to deep. I wonder who will find me first?

Who will care the most?

by Greg- my bro