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Solitude [Sep. 29th, 2004|12:19 am]
Poetic Souls


Alone, in darkness, out of the night
How can I fight against this horrible fright?
A killer, a theif, of insanity
Locking away the person I once called 'me.'

Shhh! Can't you hear it?
Hush! Can't you feel it?
Exactly; nothing is there for you to hold onto
Nothing at all... except solitude.

Don't You know what it can take?
It takes away the identity you once made
Now you know how it feels
To realize, that nothing is truely real

I am not one of you foes
With a perfect face; as cute as a rose
All I want is to be realeased,
But solitude locked me away and threw away the key.

this is a poem i wrote out of boredom and now it's a finalist to win $10,000 and it's also published