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...undead - Poetic Souls [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Poetic Souls

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...undead [Sep. 29th, 2004|12:16 am]
Poetic Souls


Who are we now?
Look how far we’ve come
I just wanna know how
How can we set the rising sun?

The words you said
Were like a razor to my vein
Watching my crimson red
Flow faster, again

These bottles call my name
I can hear them
The rusted razor wants my pain
I can feel it all again

Screaming from inside of me
Look at what you’ve done
Asking yourself “how can this be?”
Well looks like once again I’ve won

You’re the one who jabbed my dagger
You’re the one who fired the gun
You’re the one who drugged the swagger
You awoke the pissed off red sun

Away from me, you need to go
Far far away
These children are alone
But their mother left the way
For them to go home
Looks like they don’t love anything
They live in a broken home
But they’re searching for something

Stop stabbing at my ribs
Stop shooting me in the heart
You’re just another fake fib
Even though you are pure art

Can you help me for once in your life?
Or is that too much to ask…from you?
You tried to steal my life for a long time
But nothing you try will do

The bullets love my flesh
The drugs help my weak dying body
Trying to push me off a cliff is mesh
Your work is far too shoddy

Well I don’t like you
I never did anyway
Now you’re dead to me
Dead like me, in my grave